Handmade Accessories & 

Embroidered Goods

Made with love from recycled and organic textiles


made from a cork base that is covered with recycled off cuts from left over fabrics, hand designed and embroidered by me

Hoops and other Products

Hand embroidered designs on off cuts from left over fabrics on quality Elbesee embroidery hoops made from beechwood


If there is anything you would like to commission for a special occasion, I will be happy to give you the opportunity to choose exactly what it is that you want.

Online Shop

Looking for the whole selection of my handmade products? 
You'll find everything in my new online shop here.

My Mantra

I discovered my love for embroidery and crafting things by hand through my love for nature and history. Humans have eversince taken inspiration from our beautiful earth, and the process of making something with my own hands is something that takes me back in time, forgetting about technology or social media.

My Materials

My materials are always one of the biggest inspirations for me, and they are so important to get the right results. Finding sustainable and good quality supplies is therefore essential. My fabrics are all either recycled left overs from other projects or ethically sourced, as well as my packaging, which is completely biodegradable.

About Me

Hello, I'm Vivien, a costume maker and textile artist trained at UAL London College of Fashion. I have worked for film, theatre and television in the UK but have recently relocated to my home, Germany. Here, I'm working in theatre again and am continuing to run my little business alongside my full time job!
You can read my full story here

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