About Me

This is where you can find a bit about my story and the motivation behind my work.
I also wanted to talk about my materials and supplies, as they are very important to what I do and the most important part of working sustainably.

My Story

I have always loved art, history and storytelling. Growing up, my interest in theatre and film increased due to my great love for all things fantasy and historical. Books were my loyal companions, and when my parents took me to see the Lord of the Rings Musical on Drury Lane in London when I was 12... Read More


The appreciation of the little things in life is something that easily gets lost in our digital, fast paced and never resting world. For me, taking up needle and thread, creates an escape from this never ending race against time, against the pressures of society and consumerism...
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My Materials

Nearly all of my fabrics are made from natural fibres such as linen or cotton. I have a big stock of old textiles that were given to me or that I have collected over time, that I use to make my hairbands, accessories and hoops, giving them a new purpose... Read More

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