The appreciation of the little things in life is something that easily gets lost in our digital, fast paced and never resting world. For me, taking up needle and thread, creates an escape from this never ending race against time, against the pressures of society and consumerism.

slow-paced living

If you have ever heard the term 'slow living', then you already know what I mean. There are a lot of wonderful friends who are much better at explaining what it means than I am, but I want to try. To me, trying to fit into the system of society has always been difficult. Coming to terms with not having to fit in, and realising that there might be a way for me to build my identity upon what's important to me, going at my own pace and not worrying about the future every single day, has definitely been one big thing that happened in 2020. Embroidery and crafting help me to focus on myself and my home, my mind and the freedom to be dependent only on my own body and soul. Working from home has pulled me away from the constant desire to compare myself to or to please others, and that's what has helped me embrace this way to make more time for myself.

the little things

The term slow living also includes time for the little things in life. Whether it is simply having a cup of tea in a quiet moment, or nourishing our body with good food or a hot bath, these should be the things that make life worth living. Bird song on a crisp morning, the last rays of sun shining through the leaves of a tree, a good chat with an old friend, or the tight embrace of a family member. Focusing on the little moments and subtle joys can make such a change in our minds, and help to free us from every day worries, even if it is just for a minute. The attention to detail is what is most important in my work, and sometimes when we only focus on the little things, the bigger picture will form itself sooner or later.

art therapy

The passion for my own work is my biggest motivation to get up in the morning, and the most important creative outlet for me. I definitely think that creating something with your own hands fills you with a happiness that is very hard to describe, but putting work into something and seeing the outcome of it, of what you have accomplished, is the most rewarding feeling I can think of. Art really is therapy, and I see my work as my very own kind of therapeutic journey. Finding your style is like finding your soul, looking into yourself and listening to what it is that you see before your inner eye. Especially within our constant consumption of all kinds of digital media, taking up something utterly analog like embroidery, brings you back to the base of your very own thoughts and emotions. Absorbing yourself in the process of creating and literally loosing yourself in it, gives new strength and mental capacity for the 'real world' to me.

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