Information about Commissions

What kind of products can I commission?

You can technically ask for anything as a commission as long as it is possible for me to make. The most commonly customised products are embroidered hoops or hairbands, but it could also be bags, small pieces of clothing, necklaces or anything you can think of. You could also send me an item that you already own but would like it to be embroidered in some kind of way.

How much does a commission cost?

The cost of your commission depends on the type of item, the size, materials, and the time it takes for me to make it. You will receive an estimated quote after telling me about your idea before we go ahead with your commission.

How long does it take for a commission to be finished?

This depends on how intricate the design is that you choose and how complicated the making process will be. I usually try to finish any commission within a month, but sometimes it can take longer because the design process might be more complicated. It also depends on whether I need to order any special materials or supplies to realise your design and how long they take to arrive.

How do I contact you for a commission?

Most people simply contact me on Instagram but you can also send me a message here. I will always get back to you as soon as possible. If I haven't replied to you within a week, please check your spam folder or send me another email!

What kind of information do I need to give you to commission something?

You need to know what kind of item it is that you would like, and you need to give me some information on the style you would like. This can include sending me images of similar things you might have seen, or giving me a colour palette, occasion or theme to work with. If you already have a very clear idea or a finished design of something, that will obviously speed up the whole process by a lot and can also make it easier for me to give you an estimated price.

Can I customise a product that you've already made?

It is usually possible to customise an already existing item, with your initials, for example. Please bear in mind that any customisation will add a little to the overall price of the item and might make it longer until it is posted.

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