Delivery Information

Do you ship to my country?

I ship worldwide, as long as there are no trading or postal restrictions in place due to Covid-19. If there are any problems shipping to your country, you will not be able to select it in the address menu when placing an order. Please contact me if this happens, and I will try to look into it for you.
If you are in the UK, please note that due to Brexit, shipping might take longer than usual at the moment.

How long does it take for my parcel to arrive?

I usually ship every three days or so, and then it will depend on where you live. Parcels within Germany usually arrive between 1-3 working days, the rest of Europe between 3-10 working days. Please note that due to the high amount of parcels being sent in the current situation, delivery times might be longer than estimated. For the rest of the world I am currently unable to give an accurate estimate, as it depends on the situation in the individual country. But you can always track your order to see where it is.

How much is the shipping cost?

Within Germany: 3,70€
EU: 7,20€
Non-EU and rest of the world: 7,35€
All shipping includes tracking and you will get your tracking number with your dispatch notification.
Please note that due to tax and customs regulations, there might be an added fee depending on what country you're in.

Can I track my order?

Yes, all your orders are sent using tracking services and you will get a tracking number once your order is on the way. You can find tracking information on the Deutsche Post Website as well as more information regarding receiving your order. Please note that sometimes, tracking updates might not be accurate or delayed due to the high amount of parcels due to Covid-19 though.

Which delivery provider do you use?

I send all my parcels using Deutsche Post or DHL. Which exact provider it will be in your specific country, can vary. But usually, it will be your normal postal service that also delivers your letters.

What packaging do you use?

All my packaging materials are either recycled from old parcels I have received myself, or I use biodegradable packaging by Biobiene which is made from 65% recycled cardboard and 35% locally grown grass, which means that no trees have to be cut down for my parcels. Biobiene also create habitats for endangered local insects and bees with their grass used for the boxes.

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